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The Importance of Being Age-Friendly

In this Global Perspectives column, Dick Stroud, author and Founder of 20plus30, explores how companies should respond to ensure their marketing and operations align with the aging population.



The Power of Localized Solutions in Response to the Challenge of Aging Societies

In this Global Perspectives column, Alex Smith, founder and chief executive of North London Cares, discusses the power of localized solutions in response to the challenge of population aging.

Intergenerational Solidarity in an Era of Demographic Change

All countries around the world - especially those in the European Union - are facing rapid demographic change. This is a source of potential tensions between the generations that policy makers need to address if our societies are to function well in the future.

Health Consequences of Early Retirement

Entering retirement is a status passage, constituting the transition from mid to late adulthood. For many people - especially those who have had long working careers - this passage from the "second phase of life" (labor force participation) to the "third life phase" (retirement) can be a crucial event.

Living Longer, Working Longer

"In an era of rapid population aging, we can no longer afford policies, employment practices and attitudes that discourage work at an older age." - Angel Gurria, Secretary General, Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)

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