Work, Retirement Age, and Fiscal Sustainability in an Aging World

Co-hosted by AARP's Office of International Affairs and the Public Policy Institute



AARPJuly 23, 2012 - 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM

AARP Headquarters, Washington, DC, USA


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Washington, DC 20049

Pension fund solvency and retirement-income adequacy are high on the agendas of policymakers around the world.  People are living longer, retiring early, and facing layoffs in a global economy where technological and social change can be rapid and unsparing in its impact on workers. In developed countries, promoting longer work lives by raising the age of eligibility for pension benefits has featured prominently in policy reform.  Raising the retirement age is particularly appealing to policymakers because it can have a substantial impact on pension fund solvency and because its implementation is often legislated well into the future.  Nonetheless, survey data for the United States and European countries suggest that a higher retirement age is not popular with workers, even though many express interest in working well into their retirement years.  Moreover, not everyone can work longer, and short of draconian increases, raising the retirement age cannot, by itself, solve the pension problems besetting many countries. 

In this AARP International Idea Exchange, distinguished experts examined various facets of pension reform, longer working lives, and fiscal sustainability of public systems in the United States and around the world.


Download Presentation (PDF): Upping the Retirement Age: Pension Reform and Labor Supply in the United States and the European Union, 1950-2060 

Download Presentation(PDF): Pension Reform, Solvency, and Global Competitiveness

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