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Melding Technology & Traditional Communications Tools to Create a Cutting-Edge Organization

Personalizing content is enabling AARP to meet people where they are and make AARP 100% relevant to them and their lives.

United States: MIT Media Lab Develops Intergenerational, Therapeutic Technologies

When one thinks of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, images of cutting edge technologies and tech­niques that transform everyday activities come to mind. One such technology is called "Hyperscore," which empowers the user to create and compose music. The only requirements: a computer and an imagination.

Health Consequences of Early Retirement

Entering retirement is a status passage, constituting the transition from mid to late adulthood. For many people - especially those who have had long working careers - this passage from the "second phase of life" (labor force participation) to the "third life phase" (retirement) can be a crucial event.

Interview with Dr. Mohini Giri

In this AARP News Maker interview, Dr. Giri, a pioneer and champion in the cause of human rights and gender justice in India and South Asia, discusses her organization's efforts to safeguard and improve the well-being of older people in India and her recent appointment as chairperson of the Review Committee on India's National Policy of Older Persons.

Interview with Professor John Creighton Campbell

In this AARP News Maker interview, John Creighton Campbell, professor emeritus of political science at the University of Michigan and a visiting researcher at the Tokyo University Institute of Gerontology discusses the historic elections and what the new government will aim to do to reverse Japan's demographic and economic decline.

Living Longer in Mexico: Income Security and Health

AARP, Centro Fox, and RAND Corporation, collaboratively sponsored "Living Longer In Mexico: Income Security and Health." The research focuses on the current financial support systems, health status, and needs of Mexico's growing 50+ population. The report is offered to contribute to the policy debate as well as to encourage a deeper commitment of the public and private sectors for solutions to improve the well-being of older persons in Mexico and Mexican-Americans in the U.S.

AARP Statement to the ECOSOC High Level Annual Ministerial Review

AARP Statement to the ECOSOC High Level Annual Ministerial Review, July 2012

The Power of Localized Solutions in Response to the Challenge of Aging Societies

In this Global Perspectives column, Alex Smith, founder and chief executive of North London Cares, discusses the power of localized solutions in response to the challenge of population aging.

Healthy Aging – Shared Experiences in Europe and the United States

John DALLI, European Commissioner for Health and Consumer Policy, delivers speech on Healthy Aging at AARP headquarters in Washington, DC, June 27, 2012

Opening Statement by the Global Alliance for the Rights of Older People at the Opening Session of 3rd Open-ended Working Group on Ageing

Opening Statement by the Global Alliance for the Rights of Older People at the Opening Session of 3rd Open-ended Working Group on Ageing, August 21, 2012

Hicare Home Doctor: Tele-health Monitoring Solution

Insung Information, a total IT Infra solution and service company in South Korea, has developed the world’s first VoIP-based touch-screen home-care device called Hicare Home Doctor.

AARP Statement on the Occasion of the 22nd annual International Day of Older Persons

Statement by Addison Barry Rand, Chief Executive Officer, AARP on the occasion of the 22nd annual International Day of Older Persons, October 1, 2012

My First Walker: The Need for Walker Training in Germany and Abroad

Due to the huge success of walker trainings in Duesseldorf and the obvious need of walker trainings in all of Germany an alliance of experts including the German Seniors League and the Norwegian manufacture TOPRO rolled out a nationwide tour of walker trainings.

Telehealth Services - Manitoba

Telehealth services in manitoba bridge geographical divides and provide remote populations access to primary health care, patient education and surgical pre-admission screening.

GrandCare System: Partnering with Saga in Move to UK

Saga, the UK’s largest in home care provider, is partnering with the GrandCare Systems to bring an innovative product that aims to give peace of mind to family members of aging seniors to the UK.

Innovative Arm Chair Offers New Ways to Exercise

A German contract research and development company, The Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits (IIS), has created a high tech “TV chair” that doesn’t just provide a comfortable place to sit, but also provides a chance to get a workout right from the seat of your chair!

New Zealand Offers Clinics in the Cloud

In use in New Zealand since November 2012, the Virtual Clinic promises to be one of the most efficient and secure collaboration schemes for patients and doctors.

Germany's 'Lisa the Wonderwall' supports independent living

An innovative team of researchers at Germany’s Technische Universität München (TUM), along with partners from the business world, have designed an easy to install wall panel equipped with many special features to help make living at home a little easier for aging adults.

New App Turns Smartphone into Hearing Aid

With everyone so “plugged in” to technology these days, researchers at the University of Essex of the UK have created an IPhone App that would allow users to turn their smartphone into a hearing aid.

SoS Mobile Watch Doubles as Medical Alert System and Mobile Phone

Australian personal care technology company mCareWatch has developed a new mobile personal device to help meet the challenges of an aging population.

Giraffplus: Telepresence robot designed for in-home elder care

The GiraffPlus robot, funded by the European Union’s Seventh Framework, continuously monitors a patient’s health via a network of sensors placed in the home.

Claris Companion Tablet Connects Seniors with Families and Caregivers

Claris Healthcare developed a new tablet called the Claris Companion, which allows seniors to surf online safely and communicate easily with their family and health care providers such as doctors and social workers.

Age Friendly Banking: A Global Overview of Best Practices

A global collection of good practice examples of accessible and age friendly digital and analogue banking touchpoints relevant for senior citizens. A joint report by AARP and Youse

Health Care Measures in the OECD: Does Higher U.S. Spending Lead to Better Outcomes?

The United States spent $2.8 trillion on health care in 2012, or $8,915 per capita. This equates to 17.2% of the country’s gross domestic product, roughly double that spent by the average Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) country.

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