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Dinsow: The Elder Care Robot that Could

Launched in 2015, the latest Dinsow model, Dinsow Mini, is small so that it can be placed by the side of bedridden patients.



Emiew - Helping Seniors Live Independently

EMIEW3, the humanoid helper robot, is expected to hit the market in 2018.

MiRo: A Biomemtic Companion Robot

MiRo, the biomimetic robot, is designed to use facial recognition technology and will prompt its owner to take medicine, remind him or her of scheduled activities, or to question them if it thinks he or she is in distress.

The Dog that Doesn't Need Walking: Toys Serve as Companions

Through their “Joy for All Ages” line, Hasbro is attempting to reach a consumer base that it doesn’t often market to: senior citizens.

Melody - The App That's a Doctor's Consultant

Melody is a robotic health care helper with a complex form of built-in artificial intelligence that is meant to serve as an aid for doctors when making diagnoses and a first reference for patients who are feeling ill.

Into D’mentia Simulation Aims to Improve Dementia Care Globally

The Into D’mentia experience is centered on a simulation. After an introduction, participants step into a mobile trailer designed to resemble a home kitchen. As participants move about the kitchen, audio and visual technology— including some of the latest developments from the world of gaming—simulate the kinds of difficulties someone with dementia might have.

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