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Banking—and More—with a Digital Pen

Publish Date: January  01,  2012


For the past six years, the Swedish government has implemented a program called Teknik för äldre that contributes more than 66 million SEK (us$9.7 million) to programs designed to benefit the older population via technological advances. Specifically, this pro- gram targets research initiatives that aid in housing, information about and accessibility to products and technology, and technology for older adults and their relatives. The programs are influential in developing ways for older adults to live a more comfortable life while remaining a functioning part of society.

Among these 100 projects is Anotobanken—a collaboration between Anoto Group and Santa Anna it Research Institute. Anoto Group has developed a unique system known as a “digital pen and paper.” Using a special Anoto pen and technology, a person can write words or draw a picture that is then transferred into digital form. This allows the text or design to be viewed on a multitude of platforms. Anoto’s system is currently being used in a variety of fields, from health care to police work.

Santa Anna it Research Institute is applying this technology to fields of particular importance to the aging community. Santa Anna recognizes that a significant challenge facing both older adults and the disabled isthe complexity of many technologies, as well as access to these programs. This challenge is most prevalent in financial technologies. As more and more companies are turning to technology as a way to cut costs, more people are finding it difficult to accomplish some of the most basic tasks. This project will use the Anoto technology to create a simpler platform. One potential use of the technology will be the combination of Anoto paper and a telephone connection to make deposits. This simple system will make depositing money easier and more accessible for everyone.

While a large part of this research project is focused on Anotobanken, Santa Anna is also looking to apply the Anoto system to fields such as health care and home care.

Anoto group is a Swedish based company formed in 1999. Renowned for its digital pen and paper technology, it continues to partner with companies in different fields to help expand the use of these technologies. Santa Anna it Research Institute performs research projects in conjuction with the University of Linköping in Sweden.