Global Innovation


GrandCare System: Partnering with Saga in Move to UK

By: Caroline Mullin, intern, AARP Office of International Affairs

Publish Date: February  04,  2013


Product name: GrandCare

Use: Aging technology for at home care and monitoring

Company: GrandCare Systems

Country/Region: US/UK

Availability: On the Market


Saga, the UK’s largest in home care provider, is partnering with the GrandCare Systems to bring an innovative product that aims to give peace of mind to family members of aging seniors to the UK. The GrandCare Systems which has been used in the US starting back in 2006, allows family members to keep an eye on their parents and grandparents using a touch screen computer that connects to wireless sensors throughout the home of a senior to allow family members to monitor their activities. In addition, seniors can stay connected with family and friends through the GrandCare system which offers programs that gives users access to the internet, Skype, pictures, messages, and more. This way, users will be able to stay connected even if they are far away from family, which helps to lower feelings of isolation or depression.

The system is easy to use and was developed so that seniors can be given the opportunity to remain in their own home as they grow older in age and may need more assistance. It gives seniors freedom, and their family peace of mind. With the help of this system families can monitor a loved one at any time of the day simply by logging onto their computer. The GrandCare system has programmable alerts which notify caregivers when medicine is not taken or doors are left open, and many other signs that could cause worry.  This is possible through the combination the system provides of “digital health assessment, biometric readings, activity of daily living sensing, medication management, smart home automation, video chat, and virtual touch-based communications into the most comprehensive and fully-featured technology in the private home market” (GrandCare). The system stores and records all actions taken by the family member in need of care, for instance: blood pressure readings and glucose readings, and logs them all into the online database so that family and caregivers can access the data and watch over their loved ones.

This is an exciting move for the UK’s Saga group. Teaming up with GrandCare will give UK residents access to a high tech system that is easy to use and provides a way for loved ones to care for their elders who are aging but wish to remain in their own home. This system is helping families stay connected and giving peace of mind to everyone through an efficient and thoughtful system that has developed a product to give seniors independence but also give family members a way to keep an eye on them with just a click on the computer.