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Hicare Home Doctor: Tele-health Monitoring Solution

By: Youjin Kang, Intern, AARP International

Publish Date: September  25,  2012


Product Name: Hicare Home Doctor (HX-461)

Use: Tele-health Monitoring Solution

Company: Insung Information

Country/Religion: South Korea

Availability: On the Market



Insung Information, a total IT Infra solution and service company, has developed the world’s first VoIP-based touch-screen home-care device called Hicare Home Doctor. It is designed to provide an easy access to various healthcare services at home by using external interface to interchange personal health measurements and analyses between patients and doctors. In 2010, according to the company, Hicare Home Doctor was approved by KFDA (Korean Food and Drug Administration) as a “home health care device” and was awarded the title “Smart Care 2010” by Korean Ministry of Knowledge Economy (MKE).

The monitoring system of HiCare Home Doctor allows patients, especially elderly patients with limited-mobility, to easily engage in their daily health check-up. Using HiCare, patients can be connected to medical equipment such as blood-glucose meter, body composition scale, and blood pressure monitor to obtain information about their current health conditions. Patients’ data is then immediately transferred to physicians through HiCare server (wired/wireless, Bluetooth, USB2.0) for analyses and feed-backs. This daily monitoring and feedback system serve as an effective tool to enhance patients’ understanding of their own health conditions and provide better health management with less cost.

HiCare Home Doctor further offers video conferencing consultations with medical practitioners for patients at home. This function develops better doctor-patients communication and enables hospitals to immediately response to possible emergencies.

 Moreover, HiCare Home Doctor is a “multimedia based Health gateway” device according to Insung Information. It is composed of various functions including text messaging, phone service, camera, multimedia services, and health information. By providing multimedia service while health monitoring system is being processed, Hicare encourages patients to take active roles in their health management and to pursue healthier life-styles.